Advent of Code Day 5 – my bonus question

I am doing the Advent of Code. So far I have solved all the questions for the four previous days and part one of the question for day five. I have also created my own question for fun, the question is below:

After many hours of walking, the Elves come to a forest glade. They are quite tired and hungry, one of the elves suddenly notices that the glade is full of mushrooms. The Elves are familiar with this mushrooms species – they are edible and quite tasty. The Elves pick all of the mushrooms and are almost ready to make mushroom soup, when they remember about one tricky problem – there is a poisonous mushroom species that looks very similar and often a poisonous mushroom will grow right among the edible mushrooms.

At this point the elves have determined the molecular structure of each mushrooms that they picked. The structure always consists of five segments and each segment consists of a number and a letter.

Example: 0.9H 0.08G 0.27L 0.57M 0.84P

Each letter molecule (A – Z) has a corresponding weight, from 0 to 25. The numbers also represent additional weight units. It is therefore possible to calculate the molecular weight of each mushroom. In the above example the weight would be 0.9 + 7 + 0.08 + 6 + 0.27 + 11 + 0.57 + 12 + 0.84 + 15 = 53.66

If the structure had a negative number, such as if it would be 0.9H -0.08G 0.27L 0.57M 0.84P, then the negative segment would need to be subtracted. The weight then would be 0.9 + 7 – 0.08 – 6 + 0.27 + 11 + 0.57 + 12 + 0.84 + 15 = 41.5

The Elves are aware that the value of each segment of a mushroom comes from a process generated by ~N(12.5, 4.5) and there is no correlation between the segments. (The value of the segment is number + letter, for example 0.9H is 7.9, while -0.08G is -6.08).

The mushroom that is poisonous is definitely tricky to find for the Elves because it looks exactly the same as the edible mushrooms. BUT! The molecular structure of this mushroom gives it away! It is very unlikely that such structure would be generated by the same process as for the edible mushrooms. Find the poisonous mushroom from the input list so that the Elves can start cooking their soup.

The list of mushrooms is in the link below:

Advent of Code Day 5 bonus question input

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